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New Offroad Racing Format

Offering the Michigan area a new style of offroad racing.  

Sprint Enduro Racing

Sprint Enduro Racing will get your heart rate pulsing.  It will challenge you on all types of terrain.  Most of all, it will force you to have fun.  

Give us a shot

You will be sure to have a good time racing the MSE Series.  Check out the schedule and make your race plans.

MSE T-Shirts

Year End T-Shirts

Year End Awards T-Shirt are now available. They are $20 per shirt. The Riders on the front and the names on the back may change based on the final rounds results. Pre order yours now and they will be distributed at the awards banquet. If you do not plan to be there we can arrange shipping. 

Once you have ordered please Message me via Facebook: Michigan Sprint Enduros or email michigansprintenduros@gmail.com with your name and size. Please provide me with the corrusponding email address to the paypal payment. 

The shirts will also be available for Pre Order at the Portland Trail Riders Sprint Enduro.

Click the Image to order

Click the Image to order

What is a Michigan Sprint Enduro

Michigan Sprint Enduros are the newest form of offroad racing in Michigan.  They involve two different kinds of 'Tests'.  One being the Cross test, which will include open flowy type terrain.  This test will include Motocross when applicable.   The second 'test' will include mostly woods, with some open sections mixed in.  Each 'test' will be 2-7 miles in length.  You will run each test 3 or 4 times, starting individually every 15 seconds.  Total score after all 6 to 8 tests will determine the winner.  Lowest time wins.  

Please review the rules page for more detailed information.